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Best Skincare Products for Post-Menopausal Skin

Red headed woman in knitted jacket kneeling down in shallow water at a rocky beach.

Natural and transparent are two words which describe  our Indie Lizabee Skincare.  Each of our simple products is naturally clear and transparent - just like the water in the tide pools found here at the beach off the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  

Mature 50+ skin has particular needs - especially post-menopausal skin!  Hydration being one of them. Brightening and toning are a couple more...and let's not forget about diminishing dark circles and reducing wrinkles overall. Our products target the needs of post-menopausal skin.  


However, at our age we need to "love the skin we're in" and not feel it necessary to try and change it into a "30's-something" flawless face! 

Check out the products in our Shop!

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