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Anti-Ageing. The term bugs me.

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

I started this post on a bit of a rant - but after checking out Merriam-Webster for a clear understanding of the term "anti", I softened...a bit. There are two distinct meanings: 1. serving to prevent, cure or alleviate 2. combating or defending against. I get the strong feeling that most of us have been led to hope/believe that consistently using proper skincare products, devices and procedures would provide us with the #1 prevent or cure ageing. Well, not to be too blunt here, but if you

are not ageing, you are dead! Literally, you will no longer exist. We start to "age" the moment we are born. We eventually blossom in our most gorgeous 20's & 30's and then slowly start to fade. Sad, but true! So that leaves us with the #2 meaning - which is to combat or defend against. I can fully support this meaning. Combating and defending against "ageing" is more than just applying a skin cream or having some fillers added to your face. Fact is, we age. But, we can slow down the appearance of this experience. Anti-wrinkle is a good term, and where skincare can certainly help - along with facial devices with LLLT and microcurrent to stimulate the collagen production.

With nearly 7 decades of life, I resist the idea of "old" - in fact, the term "elderly" and "old" equally irritate me. I have a lot of years (and am aiming for 120 years), but I take care of myself with a gym workout 3x a week (cardio & weights), eat a keto-ish diet (off keto and now in maintenance mode) and for the first time since 1973, recently bought a pair of cord flare pants. I do facial exercises sporatically which would probably be extremely effective if I were more consistent. To really help the facial muscles tone up, try talking more. Seriously. Sing - that works the muscles a LOT. And don't forget to smile. It lifts the corners of the mouth and if you work at it, raises your cheeks up too. The bonus to all this, is that you look much less grumpy - the "old person curse". I don't think most of of intend to look so harsh, but if you take a look in a mirror with your "normal face", you may be quite surprised at what looks back at you. It's not all about wrinkles or sag. It's about being energetic, healthy, being a giving person - materially and of yourself, and having an attitude that you "love the skin you're in".

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